Yikes! 70th Birthday coming up

Yes, a few weeks away from my 70th birthday. There’s no turning back.
It’s funny because when I was 40, 50 and even 60 yrs old, I never thought about being old but this one; 70 – jeez I suddenly feel dispensable.My used by date is getting closer!
I decided to write a blog about how I am feeling, what I am doing and other trivial stuff just to add meaning to my days.
Will this be a lifestyle blog? Maybe but it is more like a diary which gives some insight to the things us older people think, what worries us and how we fill in our days. Let’s say it is wisdom and honesty! Yes, I like that.
I think wisdom comes with learning from many years of doing things for self satisfaction and finally after a lot of pain and torment, realizing it was not so good. Honesty is when we can sit down and acknowledge what a dipstick we were and not punish ourselves for it.
Growing old is sort of liberating like that because we can see the last 20 or so years approaching and I know I want to make them the best years of my life.

Easier said than done

It’s been a few weeks since I decided to do this blog and I have realized it’s not easy. Deciding what to write is the hard bit. With everything going on around the planet, my trivia is quite boring but maybe that will be a good thing.I mean who will give a dam about it? Maybe no-one! However,I will begin with today!
It is a freezing cold day, wet and windy here in Western Australia. It is so cold that a Bandicoot with a baby in her pouch came inside through the cat door to steal cat bickies and she stayed in the warm for a while.
I have the fire going and the radio on 1080 (an old fart’s station) listening to the Bee Gees. No really!
I am in a defense mode at the moment. Every year for the last 3 years I have had the flu at exactly the same time – just before my birthday every year. I am a herbalist by trade so I should be more attentive to my own health shouldn’t I? It’s old age creeping up I reckon. With hormonal changes and gravity dragging my physical body down south, I freak out when I look in the mirror. It’s time to change all my habits and my thinking and get on with this aging thing!
Till next week – see you.

Growing Old Is A Whole New Adventure
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