Supporting my older body/mind

Going back to when I was 55 (now 74), I had learnt my body’s needs change every year. I mean, being a woman I’ve always known hormonal stuff changed my thinking and body shape. I did think after menopause I could just chill out, not worry about that anymore. Yes, it was nice BUT ….. it also put me into new territory! My body also said “Beaudie! Pressure is off!” I began to notice I had to work harder to keep weight off and hair on my legs and underarms was thinning out. That’s not a bad thing hey? But, the hairs remaining were longer than they had ever been! I mean, really?? I should mention the pubic hair was behaving the same – AND going grey! Being a herbalist, I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with a plan. I can’t stop the ageing process however I could maybe slow down the deterioration a bit! Well, I was going to give it a go! I’ve always taken supplements and herbal concoctions to help with whatever the current state of body and mind was. I decided that seeing as I was not losing blood every month, I did not need extra iron so I found a multivitamin mineral supplement to suit older females. I also decided to take a Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E. Being a herbalist, I also included a good green herb such as Stinging Nettles every day.

I also had a Valerian tincture handy for those days when I was a bit temperamental. I just took a swig of it randomly. The tincture worked quite fast when I swirled it around my mouth before swallowing. It takes a shortcut via the epithelium tissue in the mouth instead of going via the stomach.

I found this blend of things worked well giving me extra energy and gave me a general lift. However I had to make changes over the next 20 years till now. See – I do acknowledge the changes that happen as we get older. I just need to be aware of what’s happening physiologically and act on it.

I love taking charge! Cheers!!

2023 AND February!

Can’t believe how fast time goes! Now I am 74. Wasn’t long ago I was freaking out about being 70! Growing old is a bitch! It didn’t sneak up on me; just woke up one morning and WHAM! There it was!

I have stopped coloring my hair though so I do acknowledge it! It’s funny how I don’t consider things until it’s thrown in my face! Take bras for instance! One day I put my bra on and noticed I had bits of extra ‘stuff” that wouldn’t stay in the cup. It’s weird because yesterday it did! Now I have these chicken giblets that insist on hanging under my arms! I tried a bigger cup but I am left with empty bits inside the top of each cup. I mean WTF!! How did it get from the top of my boob to under my arm? AND yes there’s more ! The bit of cleavage I had is now like a gathered curtain of skin between my boobs.

It’s worse with no bra on!! My half empty boobs lay flat against my chest and once again they want to reside under my arms. I mean, what is it with the underarms?

I went to get a personal fitting for a bra thinking there must be a remedy for this. Guess what? There is, however there is a price. I was fitted with a minimizer bra that’s like a tight strait jacket. It doesn’t really rearrange anything but it does hold the bits in position. So, the end result looks better with clothes on top but very uncomfortable especially with the hot summers we have here. I have a compromise; when I go out I wear my strait jacket but at home I let it all hang free!!!

Choose to be happy I say!

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