COVID in West Oz, my defense plan

Since the COVID virus began, here in Western Australia have been reasonably free of it. This is mainly due to the fact that there are only 2 roads into our state which makes us quite isolated. With all the lockdowns when any of the Eastern states of Australia had an outbreak, even air travel was extremely restricted. Australia is an island which makes it easier to restrict international travel and then West Oz is like an island within an island due to our distance from another capitol city.

BUT! Yes we have finally had to succumb to the Omicron virus which is sweeping its way through the community and we are now having to mask up and show proof of vaccinations to go anywhere. Being 73, I have been very aware of my vulnerability which made me have 2 AstraZeneca vaccinations plus a Moderna booster shot. I also take 1000mg of vitamin C and 2 teaspoons of a honey and powdered Astragalus mix every day. With the virus being a respiratory disease I must keep up my immunity. I also take a Multi vitamin and Mega B supplement every day. I make sure I do at least 2 hours of gardening every day and I don’t have a problem sleeping at night. I keep a supply of Cats Claw and Cordyceps on hand which I will add if I feel like I am going down – I don’t think I can do much more than that!

Yes, it may sound excessive but being a herbalist I am very aware of the importance of taking a ‘defensive’ stance especially with regards to my age and the virility of the virus.

Don’t wait for the cockroach (virus) to come into through door! Keep the door shut! Defend yourself! That’s what I reckon anyway!

See you soon.

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