My Hobbit Studio

Just in case you were curious about the photo on the top of my page. It is the front of my studio where I paint and experiment with my herbs. A Sharman in the Amazon Jungle told me to build a jungle inspired place where we could communicate on a level which I did not understand until I built it.

(I’ll explain all about that another time.)

I made it with the high pitched thatched roof to use the jungle theme but as I live on a steep slope bit of land, I had to carve into the sloping land to get enough room. So the back wall is actually dirt! My 8 year old grandson thought I was building a Hobbit house. I made a Hobbit inspired door to give him credit. I made cobblestones for the floor and had a small waterfall flowing over a Mayan calendar plaque. Being open where the waterfall comes in, I have a clay Chiminea fire pit in one corner and it is surprising how good it warms up the area in the winter. It’s really quite a special place, very soothing to just sit in there especially when its raining and I have the fire burning. I spend a lot of time in there, I think it is very important for a woman to have her own space. A kitchen is definitely not a woman’s space – it is everyone’s. Since having it, I don’t know how I managed without it. I guess I was busy raising kids and working and studying but now I am retired and the male in the house is home all the time I reckon I would go nuts without my Hobbit studio!

Here’s a few photos –

showing the cobblestones and the dirt back wall
Opening on back wall where waterfall enters the room

Author: Halle McQueen

I am a herbalist by trade and have a Ba in Complimentary Medicine. My passion is plant medicine -- that is what took me to the Amazon jungles in Peru in 2006.

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