Phew! Hot days in West Oz!

Yes, we have had a week of 40+ degree Centigrade! I mean one or two days in a row is bearable but this is ridiculous. The birds and animals are desperate for water so I have many dishes and buckets scattered around my garden for them. The kangaroos come in early but the bandicoots are here all day. The birds are funny to watch – they have a hierarchy like the African animals with the water ponds. The large Black Cockatoos rule, everyone steps back to wait for them to finish. The Rainbow Lorikeets are next, they take longer because they have a bath as well. The different varieties of honey eaters have an unwritten rule – first in best served! The parrots and magpies are very sociable and and hang around all day. And then there is me! I get out of bed early, water the garden and get inside before the heat fries me. I am an artist and writer so even though I don’t like the extended heat waves, I have lots to keep me occupied. I am a Game Of Thrones fan so as a last resort I just watch that (AGAIN and AGAIN). Here is a photo of a kangaroo in my garden just before sunrise.

Author: Halle McQueen

I am a herbalist by trade and have a Ba in Complimentary Medicine. My passion is plant medicine -- that is what took me to the Amazon jungles in Peru in 2006.

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