New year – new mindset

Yes, I am no different to many others as far as making new years resolutions go. I made one! I want to lose a bit of weight and make every day count.I have done well so far with this month.

Having a close friend die is a real game changer and each day is more precious especially being 70 years of age .I had a rethink about what things I really liked doing over the years. One passion was painting with oils, I love the smell of oil paint! I dragged out all my stuff and once I made that first stroke of paint on the blank canvas I was off and running and finished an abstract painting of a cyclone. I might even copy it here for you to see – maybe. No, I will! I need to stop not doing things because I will worry about what you may think. This year I will post photos of stuff and I won’t give a rat’s arse about what people think. I will add that to my new year’s resolution!

I also do a bit of writing as you can see the book about my 8 year experience in the Peruvian amazon jungle. My friend who died was on the verge of publishing when she died so I did that for her this year. So you see I have been making every day count (so far).

But wait, there’s more! I have always loved growing things by seed so I have built a little seed raising house and have sprouted some Bauhinia trees and Moringa trees. I also managed to get a Boab tree and a Poinciana tree to sprout – I’ll keep you posted on them as they are more tropical than Perth, Western Australia. Here is that painting I promised to add.

Growing Old Is A Whole New Adventure
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