It’s official – I am 70!

And guess what – nothing is different! After all my fretting about the big birthday, it is just another day. My family treated me to 3 days of celebrations so I can’t winge can I?
I treated myself to a trip to Melbourne (I live in Perth, WA)just before my birthday. I went to attend ‘An Evening With Jane Fonda’ and it was fantastic. I have always been a huge fan of Jane’s. During the 60’s and 70’s she influenced my life by being a courageous, strong woman who spoke out about her beliefs. I was a bit of a timid little mouse those days and pretty much scared of everyone and everything that was going on. I found that if I was in a bit of a pickle, I would ask myself ‘What would Jane Fonda do?’ An answer always popped up – usually something like ‘Just get on with it and stop snivelling.’
I can’t believe some people still hassle Jane about the Vietnam thing! I mean, it is over 50 years ago and she still gets shit. What a brave and courageous woman Jane was, especially in the days when women were 2nd rate citizens. I just love the woman and being in the same room as her was a huge highlight in my life!
Well now I am 70, I have been taking Jane’s advice and take stock of my life. She said don’t be like Christopher Columbus who set off on his journey not knowing where he was going, didn’t know where he was when he got there and didn’t know where he had been when he got home.I like that!
Being 70 makes me think of the reality which is I may have 15 or 20 good years left. I never thought about that before.
So what would Jane Fonda do? I reckon she would say ‘Just get on with it and stop snivelling.’

Till next time
Halle x

Growing Old Is A Whole New Adventure
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